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Monday, October 26, 2009

BHB006 Glossy

It is definitely a steal to grab these glossy leggings at Beauty & Her Bits!
Order will be taken starting from today so place yours now! =)
Item Code: BHB006
Colour: Black
Status: available
Make it yours at RM35 with free postage!

BHB005 Tied

Let's get something different for your mobile and keys! Grab these handmade goodies today~
Item Code: BHB005
Design: 3 designs as above (pls specify the design along with order)
(pineapple, chinese wording, flowers)

Make it yours at RM3/each or 3 at RM9 with free postage!


BHB004 Checkered

Item Code: BHB004
Colour: As Above
Material: Soft cotton and fabric
Size: Fits M and L
Accessory: note that the belt is not included. =)
Status: available
Make it yours at RM45

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BER006 Krystal Heartz

This crown is perfect for parties isn't it? Make yourself the queen of the night with this little crown!

Item Code: BER006
Status: Available
Make it yours at RM 10
Pos Ekspres RM 2.50 can be used

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BER005 Golden Tradition

Item Code: BER005
Status: Available
Make it yours at RM 8
Pos Ekspres RM 2.50 can be used

BER004 Autumn

Item Code: BER004
Status: Available
Make it yours at RM 8
Pos Ekspres RM 2.50 can be used

BER003 Vintage Pair

Item Code: BER003
Status: Available
Make it yours at RM 8
Pos Ekspres RM 2.50 can be used

BER002 Oriental

Item Code: BER002

Colour: Metallic Silver

Material: Pewter

Design: Oriental Fans

Status: Available

Make it yours at RM 6

Pos Ekspress RM 2.50 can be used.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

BHB003 Vintage Roses

Wow, it seems like vintage has really hits us hard! This is beautiful, no? A black bow with a black ribbon made this dress looks hot.

Item Code: BHB003
Colours: White dress
Material: Fabric
Design: Vintage Roses
Size: Free
Accessory: along with a black ribbon as shown above
Status: Available

Make it yours at RM45

Thursday, August 20, 2009

BAG013 Pinky Postie

Longing to own some Postpet goodies since ages ago? Now you do not need to get yourself to Japan in order to get them! Here comes Postpet!


Click to enlarge.

Inside of (3)

(1) and (2) are side-sling bags with adjustable strips.

(3) and (4) are handbags.

Make them yours at

(1) RM 25

(2) RM 20

(3) RM 32

(4) RM 25


One whole set at RM 99 with FREE postage!

Collect them today! =)

BAG012 So Qoo!

Cartoon fever! Qoo is the coolest cartoon of all. This cute little bag comes in Aqua Blue colour and it is cute isn't it?
Item Code: BAG012
Colour: Aqua Blue
Material: Clothe
Design: Qoo
Status: available
Compartment: 6
Make it yours at RM 25
with FREE postage fees!
* A steal huh? *


say PUCCA! It is extremely hot in red and white stripes! Young and sexy. Don't Cha think so?
Item Code: BAG011
Colour: Hotty Red and White
Material: Clothe
Design: Stripes
Compartment: 4
Status: available
One reserved by Khim
Make it yours at RM 25
with FREE postage fees!
*definitely a steal*

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1 way. 2 say. 3 words. 4 you.

Dear fellow beauties,
Sorry for not updating our site for some time as was busy with exams and internship!
We will be back with a better service, and more upcoming goodies you would love to have them!
Stay tuned and mean while, keep your eyes on us! =)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

BAG010 Her Blank Page

Girls don't like complicated bags. This is bag looks simple but it is not as simple as you thought. The white colour chain is detachable and it could either be the decoration or the handle of the bag. The two white handles are detachable too. It comes in two colours - classical black & baby blue. Fellow college students, what are you waiting for? ^^
Item Code: BAG010
Colour: Classical Black & Baby Blue
Material: water resistant PVC
Design: Simple as shown
Compartment: 4
Status: Black - Reserved Blue - Sold Out
RM 38 only

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Thanks to ASD and TLC for reviewing BAG009 Her Snowie! Bow looks nice on bags too! Scroll down to look at it!